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    • January 21
      Come out to the Chick-fil-A on FM-646 (right off of I-45) Wednesday, January 28, 2015 from 5pm to 8pm for T.C.C.S. Spirit Night! Dine in OR Drive through. Place your your receipt in the "Spirit Night" black box on the front counter (or ask the window attendant to) and the wonderful people at Chick-fil-A will donate a portion of your total to our school! Spread the word!!!
    • January 13
      The results of our school wide Geography Bee are as follows: First Place - John Kilsdonk, 5th Grade; Second Place - John Godinich, 7th Grade; Third Place - Caleb Packard, 7th Grade; Tied for Runner Up - John Colasont, 8th Grade and Cyrus Nordstrand, 4th Grade.
    • January 12
      In our Elementary School, the results of the Spelling Bee are as follows: First Place - Kaylee David, 4th Grade; Second Place - Avery Minasi, 4th Grade; Third Place - Brooke Flores, 3rd Grade
    • January 12
      Congratulations Middle School Spelling Bee Winners! The results are as follows: First Place - Natalie Richard, 6th Grade; Second Place - Alex Patawaran, 7th Grade; Third Place - Debbie Dinh, 7th Grade
    • December 12
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    Founded in 1946 as the first parochial school on the Galveston County Mainland, True Cross Catholic School has been providing the highest-quality educational experience to Bay Area families for over 65 years.

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    True Cross Catholic School is a Christ-centered Catholic school community, who, united with its parish, and in collaboration with its families, nurtures and forms the minds, hearts, and spirits of the children it serves.