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    • February 22
      We are proud to annonuce the 1st Annual Crusader Classic with all proceeds going to True Cross Catholic School. We invite you to participate - as a player and/or as a sponsor - in our March 23rd gathering. Our Inaugural tournament is approaching, so register today!
    • January 13
      The results of our school wide Geography Bee are as follows: First Place - John Kilsdonk, 5th Grade; Second Place - John Godinich, 7th Grade; Third Place - Caleb Packard, 7th Grade; Tied for Runner Up - John Colasont, 8th Grade and Cyrus Nordstrand, 4th Grade.
    • January 12
      In our Elementary School, the results of the Spelling Bee are as follows: First Place - Kaylee David, 4th Grade; Second Place - Avery Minasi, 4th Grade; Third Place - Brooke Flores, 3rd Grade
    • January 12
      Congratulations Middle School Spelling Bee Winners! The results are as follows: First Place - Natalie Richard, 6th Grade; Second Place - Alex Patawaran, 7th Grade; Third Place - Debbie Dinh, 7th Grade
    • December 12
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    Founded in 1946 as the first parochial school on the Galveston County Mainland, True Cross Catholic School has been providing the highest-quality educational experience to Bay Area families for over 65 years.

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    True Cross Catholic School is a Christ-centered Catholic school community, who, united with its parish, and in collaboration with its families, nurtures and forms the minds, hearts, and spirits of the children it serves.